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Photonics solutions from Acal BFi

Carefully selected photonics products with expert local support

Photonics solutions from Acal BFi Acal BFi have been active in photonics since 1973 and offer a full range of products and services for the Photonics industry. From light generation (lasers, diodes, LEDs) handling (optical components, scanners/galvanometers and modulators) to light detection (from simple photodiodes to sophisticated spectroscopy or photometry devices), photons are at the heart of our expertise. Our technical experts will work closely with you to help you meet your key technical and commercial objectives. Our duty is to understand your requirements and then recommend, and deliver, the optimum solution for your specific application at the optimum cost.

Acal BFi have the team, expertise and suppliers to help scientist to build state of the art experiments, integrators to optimise their system performance and manufacturing, and end users to get quick access to the data or performance they need. All our customers benefit from our strong local and/or central support, including calibration and repair services ensure you get the most from your instruments, and your investment. We work with leading research and manufacturing organisations to create leading-edge and cost-effective solutions and reduce development time.

See our range of photonics products

  • Adaptive optics and Wavefront sensors
  • Integrating spheres
  • Laser diodes
  • Laser safety
  • Laser spectral analysis
  • Lasers and accessories
  • Light shaping diffusers
  • Optical components
  • Photometry
  • Scanners and Galvanometers
  • Spectroscopy
  • Terahertz (THz)

    Custom solutions for your specific photonics needs

    • Custom solutions – With extensive experience in the field of photonics Acal BFi’s specialists work with engineers and scientists to understand the specific needs of their photonics system, and recommend the most suitable technology available from our portfolio of products from world-class manufacturers, we can even deliver a fully customised system. As an example, we have developed for, a research lab, a full table top SFG spectrometer consisting of a picosecond laser with harmonic generation, frequency mixing, sample holders, spectrometers and simple software.
    • Custom coatings – Improve the working lifespan and durability of your optics by choosing custom coating options from Acal BFi. We can guide you through coating options and help you choose the right one for your system. Our cost-effective coating options are available on short lead times and can be applied to new or existing optical devices. The coating material and technology selection have a big influence on damage threshold and cost, but also absorption, sensitivity to heat, temperature drift and durability. The correct coating can save cost by improving reliability in the field. We have several examples of our team solving big laser material processing systems issues (such as thermal drift) by just selecting the right coating on a simple optical component. We can delivering full opto-mechanical sub-assemblies to help integrators and end-users to save time and cost.
    • Calibration and repair – In addition to the local installation and service support, our European organisation allows us to offer a very well equipped and dedicated calibration and repair centre for many key Photonic technologies. It can help you to significantly reduce costs and downtime. We have been offering expert calibration services at our central test facility for over 15 years and our highly qualified team can rapidly calibrate, test and return your equipment in our ISO9001 certified facility.

    Photonics custom services

    See our range of custom services for photonics.

    Find out more about our design-led approach

    Our unique approach guides customers through the design process from product selection and technology integration to solving complex design challenges.

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